UT Beef and Forage Center


The Tennessee Beef Heifer Development Program is to incentivize the repopulation of the beef herd through custom heifer development. It will be accomplished by the implementation of management practices with access to more productive replacement females allowing for more rapid expansion of Tennessee's beef herd. This will improve the longevity of these females, decreasing turnover and providing for exponential improvement in genetics and associated revenue generation.

The program is a partnership of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture and the Tennessee Farmer's Cooperative designed to:

  • Increase the opportunity for custom replacement heifer development.
  • Demonstrate proper replacement heifer development to beef cattle producers in Tennessee.
  • Increase the implementation of heifer development practices that will result in optimum reproductive efficiency as mature cows.
  • Demonstrate management techniques necessary for replacement heifers to reach target weights and breed successfully.
  • Demonstrate methods of evaluating heifers for disposition, performance, and reproductive traits.